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In December the Community Stroke Rehab Team (CSRT) received one-time funding from the South West LHIN. This funding was to increase the capacity of the CSRTs so we could discharge stroke patients home from hospital more quickly, knowing they could access an interprofessional stroke rehabilitation team that provides best practice stroke rehabilitation service in the community and home.           

Thanks to your tremendous response to this initiative, the South West LHIN is now extending our funding to March 31, 2013. This additional time and funding gives us the opportunity to put the right number of CSRT staff in place to ensure we can serve the rehabilitation needs of stroke patients in Grey Bruce within the critical three-month window following their strokes. 

The South West LHIN will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the CSRTs and their impact on reducing alternative level of care (ALC) days and length of stay (LOS) days in acute care and rehabilitation units. 

All stroke patients who are hospitalized at any site should be referred to the CSRT regardless of their deficits leaving hospital.   This is in addition to referral to CCAC and in addition to outpatient PT at the rural hospitals.  The referral can be made by any health care professional, family member or patient.  Referral forms are located on the intranet, forms section.  Any questions call Joan Ruston Berge, District Stroke Coordinator x2920 or any Community Stroke Rehabilitation team member x 2584.

Our referral form, brochure and information sheets can be downloaded directly at


We look forward to helping your stroke patients achieve the best possible outcome through intensive therapy in the community and at home that we tailor to their needs. You can find our heartwarming SWLHIN video highlighting team home visits and community activities, patient interactions and outcomes by clicking on the intranet under the Learning Management section, under videos and webcasts or directly at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL9UUEB5C70.

Photo (left to right): Stephanie Hughes,  Kim Dutfield, Alison Farrar, Lynn Curley, Jennifer Beaney, Kelly Miller, Natasha Buchanan, Sharon Gray, Caris Bailey


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