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Chesley Site

39 2nd Street S.E.

Chesley, Ontario  N0G 1L0                  

(519) 363-2340


Durham Site

320 College Street, Box 638

Durham, Ontario  N0G 1R0

(519) 369-2340


Kincardine Site

1199 Queen Street

(formerly 43 Queen Street)

Kincardine, Ontario  N2Z 1G6

(519) 396-3331


Walkerton Site

21 McGivern St. W., Box 1300

Walkerton, Ontario  N0G 2V0

(519) 881-1220




Correspondence for the President and CEO and/or the Board of Directors can be sent to:


Anne Schnurr, Executive Assistant
21 McGivern St. W., Box 1300
Walkerton, ON  N0G 2V0
Tel.: (519) 370-2400 ext. 2214
E-mail: aschnurr@sbghc.on.ca


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Chesley Site
39-2nd Street SE
Chesley, ON
N0G 1L0

P: 519-363-2340
F: 519-363-5798

Durham Site
320 College Street
Durham, ON
N0G 1R0

P: 519-369-2340
F: 519-369-6180

Kincardine Site 
1199 Queen Street   
Kincardine, ON
N2Z 1G6

P: 519-396-3331
F: 519-396-3699

Walkerton Site
21 McGivern Street
Walkerton, ON
N0G 2V0

P: 519-881-1220
F: 519-881-0452