South Bruce Grey Health Centre welcomes individuals who are committed to enhancing the diverse skills required for effective hospital board governance.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Overall governance of the affairs of the Hospital
  • Setting the Hospital’s Mission, Vision and Values and ensuring that services fall within its principles
  • Setting the Hospital’s strategic directions
  • Ensuring suitable resources are obtained and allocated appropriately
  • Ensuring the safety of patients, staff and visitor
  • Facilitating open communication with its stakeholders
  • Acting honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the Hospital as a whole, and in so doing, supporting the Hospital in fulfilling its responsibilities and accountabilities.

Elected Board Members serve a three-year term.

Interested individuals must be willing to commit up to 12 hours a month to the responsibilities of the Board, and be willing to travel to each of South Bruce Grey Health Centre’s four sites to attend meetings.

Eligibility Criteria for Election to the Board

Potential Board Members must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Not be an employee, or terminated employee of less than five years, nor a member of the medical, dental, midwifery or extended class nursing staff.

How to Become a Board Member

Vacancies on the Board are advertised in local newspapers in March and/or April each year. Applications can be submitted through the online web forum below at any time.  Applications are reviewed by the Nominating Committee, and applicants are recommended for election at the Annual Meeting.

Applications must be filed at least 30 days in advance of the Annual Meeting with the office of the President and CEO.


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