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Patient Safety Week 2011



Our patients, visitors and community members are an integral part of our ongoing patient safety efforts. In recognition of Canadian Patient Safety Week, SBGHC encourages you to get involved in your health care - ask, listen, talk! We want to hear from you! Good health care starts with good communication.

We invite you to review our Patient Declaration of Values (PDV), an evolving document that captures your healthcare values as a patient and as part of the community we serve.  Developed through community engagement sessions and feedback, the PDV will continue to evolve as we receive feedback from our community about the values that are important to you. Click here to send us your feedback!

We also invite you to review the resources below for ideas on how to effectively contribute to your safety, such as handwashing, falls prevention, and communicating with healthcare providers.


Tips for Patients and Families

Patient Safety Video (Texas Health Resources)