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Ethics and values play a role in many of the decisions made in healthcare.  To assist our staff and physicians with making these decisions, an Ethics Consultant and Ethics Committee are available as a resource.  The purpose of our Ethics Services for the South Bruce Grey Health Centre is to promote ethical reflection and decision making in the Hospital.  Staff are encouraged to access this service and participate in the case review and case consultation process.


Clinical case reviews are a regular element of the Ethics Committee.  Individuals are encouraged to submit cases for review.  Presentation of the case will be completed by the team at the next scheduled Ethics Committee.  If immediate attention is required appropriate action will be undertaken by the Committee Chair.



Ethical Decision Making Framework


To arrange a consult or case review, contact:

Lynn Bos

(519) 370-2400 ext. 2277



To arrange a consult with an ethicist, contact:

Dr. Robert Butcher


Dr. Butcher's Ethics Blog: http://robonhealthethics.blogspot.ca/