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Ethics Services


One of the primary roles of the ethics Consultant and Ethics Committee is to raise the sensitivity of staff to ethical issues and assist healthcare providers in developing the tools required to solve ethical problems as they arise.

Education services include:
Training Sessions

Case Consultation and Review

Case Consultation: Situations may arise that challenge the capacity of the healthcare team to make good decisions.  Case Consultation may be a valuable resource at these times.  The objective of a case consultation is to identify the relevant ethical issues, assist in decision making and/or planning appropriate care, and communicating the outcome to all relevant stakeholders.  Case Consultation may be initiated by a request from the physician or any member of the healthcare team.  In conjunction with the healthcare team, a patient or family member may also request a case consultation.

Case Review: A Case Review is a retrospective study aimed at improving our ability to deal with similar circumstances in the future.

Policy Review

The Ethics Committee will review Hospital policies that have an ethical component and provide feedback and recommendations.  These policies may include Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), research, resource allocation policies, etc.