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Patient Menu Guidelines

SBGHC's patient menus and portion sizes are based on the recommendations of Canada's Food Guide:

  • 7 servings of fruit and vegetables
  • 6 servings of grains
  • 3 servings of milk products
  • 2 servings of meat or alternatives


  • Health Canada recommends a daily sodium intake of 2300 mg or less (the average daily intake for Canadians is 3400 mg).
  • SBGHC’s patient menus have a daily sodium intake of 2500 mg or less.


  • Health Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation recommend a daily intake of 20-35% of calories from fat, as well as the lowest possible level of saturated and trans fat. For women this percentage amounts to 45-75 g of fat per day, and for men 60-105 g of fat per day.
  • SBGHC’s patient menus have a daily fat intake of 60 g or less.

Allergies and special dietary restrictions are accommodated.