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Hand Hygiene Compliance

South Bruce Grey Health Centre is committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients, visitors, volunteers and staff. Our hand hygiene program is just one of many initiatives our Infection Control Team has implemented to help prevent the spread of infections.


Hand hygiene involves everyone in the hospital, including patients, visitors and health care providers. When visiting our hospital, please make use of the waterless alcohol based hand rub that can be found throughout the hospital. It is the most effective way of cleaning your hands.


Hand Hygiene Compliance rates are reported annually to the Ministry of Health and calculated based on compliance to the four moments of hand hygiene:


  1. Before initial patient/patient environment contact
  2. Before aseptic procedure
  3. After body fluid exposure risk
  4. After patient/patient environment

Click on the link below to view the audit results.


SBGHC Annual Stat Report 2018-2019 - Hand Hygiene Compliance


For more information on hand hygiene, or to view hand hygiene compliance rates for other Ontario hospitals, please click on the link below.