SBGHC – Durham

(519) 369-2340

SBGHC – Kincardine

(519) 396-3331 ext. 4308

How do I access this service?

A physician referral is required.  To book an appointment, please call one of the numbers listed above.

Test Preparation

  • Do not take calcium supplements for 24 hours prior to BMD test.
  • Please wear clothing without any metal buttons or zippers.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your physician referral, and a list of your medications.

Where do I register for my appointment?

Please present at Central Registration upon arrival at the hospital.  You will then be directed to the location of your appointment.

Follow-up Appointments

Low-risk patients (with a previous normal BMD) are limited to one exam every five years.

Moderate-risk patients (have risk factors but not on treatment plan) are limited to one exam every three to five years.

High-risk patients are limited to one exam every 12 months.

Any examinations done prior to these dates will not be covered by OHIP (patients will be required to pay for the exam themselves).

The radiologist and your physician will determine your risk factor. The booking clerk will ask for dates of any previous BMD testing when you are booking an appointment.


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