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Outpatient Physiotherapy - Community Clinic Program


Phone: 519-370-2405

Fax: 519-370-2409



Phone: 519-396-3331 ext 4491

Fax: 519-396-3723  


Please note, the phones are not answered when the Physiotherapist is with a patient. Please leave a message and we will return your call.



Please see: Outpatient Physiotherapy Community Clinic Program Patient Information.

Patients who are funded through the Bundled Care Program (Total Hip Replacements, Total Knee Replacements, some Total Shoulder Replacements) are eligible to receive treatment.


How do I access this service?

A physician referral is required. Please fax in your Physician/Nurse Practitioner referral to the above number, or take it to the Health Records department. We will contact you to book an appointment.


Wait Time

Post-surgical and post-fracture patients are scheduled first. Unfortunately, due to high demand, we often have lengthy wait times. You also have the option of receiving Physiotherapy at private clinics or considering group exercise programs through your family health team, VON group program or municipality programs.


For your appointment:

  • You must register with the Patient Registration office for each Physiotherapy visit
  • Bring your physician referral if the Physiotherapist does not already have it
  • Bring shorts if you are having a leg assessed by the Physiotherapist