Chesley hospital –  Full Closure on Tuesday, September 27th, reopening on Wednesday, September 28th

Due to ongoing staffing shortages of both RNs and RPNs, the SBGHC Chesley emergency department (ED) will remain fully closed for one more day as follows:

Fully closed through Tuesday, September 27th, and reopening at 0700 on Wednesday, September 28th

The extended overnight closures of the Chesley ED will still continue past September 28th.

All efforts to find staffing for the emergency department have been undertaken without success.

Ambulance by-pass will be undertaken to divert patients to the nearest open ED.

The Chesley inpatient unit remains open, but it should be emphasized that additional closures of the Chesley ED are anticipated through the coming weeks.

Anyone requiring immediate medical attention should call 911 to be taken to the nearest Emergency Department. For non-urgent health care needs, Health Connect Ontario is available 24/7 for non-emergency health-related questions by calling 811.

The closest emergency departments to the Chesley hospital are:

Hanover (19km)

Walkerton (26km)

Durham (36km)

Southampton (42km)

Markdale (44km)

Owen Sound (46km)

Kincardine (60km)

Mount Forest (60km)

Palmerston (60km)

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