Learner Testimonial – Dr. Jonathan Borg

Dr. Jonathan Borg

Schulich School of Medicine

Western University, London ON

Future Goals: Family Physician

Hometown: London, ON

“I was fortunate to complete my 4-week clerkship rotation in family medicine in Walkerton, ON, under the supervision of Dr Paul McArthur. This experience was foundational in affirming my desire to be a family physician as it showed me the true generalist nature of family medicine, and showed me how family medicine positions physicians and patients to form longitudinal meaningful relationships.

During this rotation, I was fortunate to complete shifts in the emergency department, and operating room, in addition to family medicine clinic. The community of Walkerton was incredibly welcoming, and the patients were eager to support medical education through allowing students such as myself partake in their care. During these patient encounters, I was able to gather valuable experience in critical skills such as IV insertion and airway management which are necessary skills for a rural family physician. My main preceptor Dr. Paul McArthur is a fixture within the community as a family physician who also serves in the emergency department and operating room providing anesthesia. Dr. McArthur became an immediate mentor and role model for me, and I can firmly say he provided me the most memorable and absolute best rotation of my entire clerkship year!

Providing care to the local residents was rewarding, as I was able to, on multiple occasions, care for patients in the operating room and emergency department, whom I had come to know through family medicine clinic. Prior to this experience, the majority of my medical education took place at a large academic centre where there is minimal continuity of care outside of a physicians specified domain. Rural medicine affords physicians and patients the ability to develop strong long term relationships, which translates enhanced patient and physician satisfaction.

Spending time in Walkerton really opened my eyes to small town living, and the benefits of living outside of cities. On one occasion I witnessed the good nature of the community, when numerous off duty physicians and hospital staff came to the hospital to assist in multiple high acuity traumas which had occurred simultaneously. This sense of duty to one’s colleagues and communities is extremely important to fostering collaborative and productive professional and interpersonal relationships. I could see myself working in a community such as Walkerton, as I would feel well supported, and position me to succeed on a professional level, while nurturing valuable personal relationships with colleagues and community members.

Given the amazing experience during my first 4-week rotation as a 3rd year medical student, I am excited to return to Walkerton for an additional 4-week rotation as a 4th year medical student. I have a debt of gratitude to Dr. McArthur for providing me with such an enriching experience, and am excited continue my medical education through service of local residents and the community.”

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