New Mammography Machine Coming to SBGHC Kincardine Site

A new mammography machine will be installed at South Bruce Grey Health Centre’s (SBGHC) Kincardine hospital site this spring. 

The new Seno Pristina Digital Mammography System from GE Healthcare, featuring modern technologies that will allow for potential program enhancement, including Tomosynthesis (3D anatomical view) and Contrast Enhanced Mammography (injection of X-ray dye through an IV to highlight blood vessels), will replace the current equipment that has been in place since 2013. 

The total project cost has been generously supported by the Kincardine and Community Health Care Foundation. 

The new equipment is expected to be operational in late May 2024.  The mammography suite is currently decommissioned to begin construction to accommodate the new equipment.  During the construction period, mammograms will be scheduled for patients at SBGHC’s Walkerton site.

The mammography program at the Kincardine hospital supports the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP), as well as diagnostic mammography, performing over 1,200 mammograms annually.

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) provides routine screening for woman between the ages of 50-74, across 160 locations in Ontario, and will be expanded in Fall 2024 to start screening at the age of 40. Woman can book their own appointment, regardless if they have a family physician, and are reminded by mail when they are due for their next screening. Both the participant and primary care provider receives screening results. The program will help to set up further testing if required.

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