SBGHC’s role in larger Ontario Health West Central Intake Project

Ontario Health West (OH West) Central Intake Project aims to provide equity for CT and MRI accessibility across the OH West region. The project is a significant investment for the healthcare system and is expected to enhance patient access to CT/MRI services, simplify the process for routine booking,  optimize system capacity and enable future modernizations and innovative changes.

Throughout the month of March, SBGHC participated within a key role of the Proof of Concept team, which was designed to test patients’ willingness to travel further distances for shorter wait times for medical imaging.  Partnering sites that took part in the proof of concept included: London Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph’s Healthcare London, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital and South Bruce Grey Health Centre.

At SBGHC, we know that rural health care is unique, and by taking on a lead role in the Proof-of-Concept project we are working to collaborate with OH West and larger urban centers in a mutually beneficial way, for all patients, to access MRI and CT services.    

Pictured below are members of our Diagnostic Imaging team and one of the first patients that participated in the Proof-of-Concept project, travelling to Kincardine for a CT scan in exchange for a shorter wait time.

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