SBGHC Introduces MOLLI Surgical’s New Technology to Improve Breast Cancer Treatment

South Bruce Grey Health Centre (SBGHC) has introduced MOLLI Surgical’s new technology to the organization’s surgical program to improve breast cancer treatment. The wire-free and radiation-free MOLLI® 2 System is used to locate tumors that cannot be felt during surgery.

Historically, patients requiring this type of procedure were required to present to Diagnostic Imaging on the day of surgery to have a wire marker implanted, which is both stressful and uncomfortable for the patient. With the MOLLI 2 System, localization can take place before surgery, alleviating patient discomfort and anxiety related to wire localization.

The MOLLI 2 System is an innovative technology that enables radiologists to mark the location of lesions with the MOLLI® Marker, roughly the size of a sesame seed. Surgeons then use the MOLLI® Wand and MOLLI® Tablet to locate the tumor.  SBGHC permanently adopted the MOLLI 2 System in March 2024 and are thrilled to be able to provide safer, more reliable Canadian technology, closer to home.

“I am thrilled that we had the opportunity to collaborate with MOLLI Surgical to implement this technology at South Bruce Grey Health Centre,” said SBGHC General Surgeon, Dr. John Stirrat. “Breast cancer treatment can be daunting for patients, and I believe the MOLLI 2 System helps to improve the process in a couple of ways. With cancer surgery, the more information we can get about the tumor location during surgery the better. The quality of this tumor location technique is superior to the old guidewire technique, as we get simple and effective display of the position of our marker whenever needed during surgery. This often affords a smaller, better positioned incision for patients, with less postoperative pain, and better cosmetic outcomes. The other benefit to patients is the localization procedure can be done days or even weeks in advance of the surgery, making the operating room day less hectic.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with South Grey Bruce Health Centre to address the needs of breast cancer patients,” said Ananth Ravi, President and CEO of MOLLI Surgical. “Our commitment to improving the patient experience inspired the creation of the MOLLI 2 System. It replaces the complicated and expensive radioactive seed localization approach with increased precision, affordability and patient comfort.”

With the introduction of the MOLLI 2 System, South Bruce Grey Health Centre and MOLLI Surgical demonstrate their unified commitment to enabling precision surgery made simpler, enhancing clinical efficiency and elevating the patient and physician experience.

Shown below is SBGHC’s General Surgeon, Dr. John Stirrat, with the MOLLI 2 system.

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