SBGHC Requesting Donations of PPE

South Bruce Grey Health Centre (SBGHC) is asking the public for donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE supplies within the organization are currently adequate, however, if you can support our healthcare workers in preparation for increased cases of COVID-19, we are asking for the following new, unused supplies:

  • Masks – surgical and N95
  • Disposable isolation gowns
  • Gloves – Examination or surgeons gloves (Vinyl/Nitrile)
  • Gloves – Nitrile Non-Medical Grade
  • Safety goggles
  • Face shields (lightweight plastic)
  • Tyvek Suits

Items can be dropped off at the Receiving Entrance at the Walkerton hospital between the hours of 8:00 AM-4:00 pm Monday to Friday (loading dock at the back of the Walkerton hospital can be accessed through the Main Entrance/Emergency Department parking lot). Please call ahead to arrange a time for drop-off (519-370-2403 or 519-370-2429).

SBGHC has also received offers from our communities for handmade masks, gowns and head covers. It is important to note that the hospital will continue to utilize our current supply of PPE as long as possible, and handmade items will only be used if it becomes necessary.

If you are considering a donation of handmade PPE to the hospital, here are some helpful guidelines:


This is the most suitable type of PPE to be made locally, as all that is needed is a suitably impermeable/water-resistant fabric (e.g. ripstock nylon, polyurethane laminate).


Fabric masks do not filter enough particulates to be adequate protection for health care workers. However, a fabric mask could be used overtop of an N95 to protect from soilage/splatter to help extend the life of the mask.

Head covers:

Head covers should also be made of an impermeable/water-resistant fabric.

SBGHC thanks our communities for your ongoing support.

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