Upgraded CT Scanner Model to be Installed at Kincardine Hospital

Construction is underway at the Kincardine hospital on a 2,000 square foot addition to house a new Computed Tomography (CT) scanner. The addition will be located directly south of the main entrance, adjacent to the east side the existing hospital building, and will include a private CT suite, technologist area, patient prep room, wait space, change room, washroom and stretcher holding area.

A purchase order for the Siemens “Edge Plus” CT scanner was issued in April 2021, to be produced in time for delivery when the CT suite addition is complete. Since issuing the purchase order for the Edge Plus scanner, a new CT scanner model has been released from Siemens. The “X.Cite” model is the newest Health Canada approved single source CT scanner, which is comparable to the Edge Plus in capabilities, but offers several technological advancements that will improve image quality and reduce radiation dose.   

The X.Cite model features artificial intelligence that automatically positions the scanner to improve image quality and reduce radiation dose, “Zero Click” post processing that decreases staff time required to process data after exam and improves workflows, and a larger bore that increases the patient types/sizes that can be scanned.

The X.Cite model is the most advanced single source, dual energy CT scanner with both twin beam and spiral dual energy modes.

Siemens has offered SBGHC an opportunity to switch to the X.Cite model at no additional cost for the equipment or service contracts.  The CT suite addition has been sized to accommodate an upgrade in scanner models, however, a switch to the X.Cite model will require some minor alterations to the mechanical and electrical designs that were originally created for the Edge Plus model.

SBGHC’s Clinical Team, including Chief Radiologist Dr. Douglas Mowbray, London X-ray Associates Radiologists, and the SBGHC Diagnostic Imaging Department, have completed a thorough assessment of the two CT scanner models, and have recommended to proceed with the Siemens X.Cite CT model.

SBGHC’s Board of Directors endorsed the new model at its regular meeting held on June 29th, 2022.  The CT scanner at the Kincardine hospital is expected to be operational in February 2023.

“The Kincardine Physician group is extremely pleased with the progress on the CT project, and we are excited to be getting this new model, which will enhance patient care in our Emergency Department, inpatient unit, and for our family medicine patients,” said Dr. Jason Murray, Kincardine Physician.

“The prolonged process of initiating a CT service in the Kincardine site of SBGHC has been a fairly heavy cloud hanging over our hospital, but the silver lining in that cloud is that we will be rewarded with a more current and capable CT scanner which will provide even better CT service to the community. This scanner was not available when we made our original decision and to be provided with this significant upgrade at no additional cost to the Hospital is I guess a little gift for our patience,” said Dr. Douglas Mowbray, Chief Radiologist.

“The Kincardine and Community Health Care Foundation fully supports the decision to upgrade to the latest Health Canada approved CT scanner, the ‘X. Cite’ model” says Becky Fair, Chair of the Kincardine Community Health Care Foundation. “Having the most advanced CT technology that improves image quality while reducing radiation dose is a significant benefit to patients, while being able to access quality care close to home.  With construction underway for the new scanner at the Hospital, we are confident that the community will continue to support this important initiative.”

“It’s exciting to see construction starting on this significant enhancement to healthcare for our communities,” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO for Bruce Power. “All across the region, we’re seeing improvements to hospitals, schools and infrastructure in response to the increased economic activity from a thriving clean energy sector which, along with healthy and vibrant tourism and agriculture industries, are helping to drive growth and prosperity across Bruce, Grey and Huron Counties.”

“Every day, patients are traveling out of the Kincardine community to access CT service, and in many cases, our staff and physicians are leaving the hospital to accompany them.  The installation of a CT scanner means that patients can now complete this diagnostic imaging without leaving the hospital, saving time and stress for the patient and their families,” said Michael Barrett, President & CEO of SBGHC.

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