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Reflecting on the past year, our team has achieved many important milestones that have positioned the

hospital to continue to be a leader in the provision of high quality health care to the people living in the

southern part of Grey and Bruce Counties, as you will see highlighted in this report to our communities.


The R.J. Creighton Family Birthing Centre had another record setting year, welcoming 445 babies, our

Emergency Department wait times continue to be among the lowest in the province across our four sites,

and we were fortunate to welcome a new surgeon, Dr. Zeeshan Rana, to our organization in the fall of 2018.


Our successes have not come without challenges, most significantly the development and implementation

of a Budget Recovery Action Plan. Faced with a projected $1.7M shortfall at fiscal year-end, six strategies

were developed to return the organization to a balanced position by March 31, 2020. The plan was released

in January 2019, and since that time, implementation plans have been progressing. We have created a

Seniors Centre of Care that has allowed us to better care for our patients that have completed their hospital

stay and are waiting to go home or to a long-term care home. We have ensured that we have the appropriate

number of beds across our four sites, and are working to make sure our patients do not have to spend any

longer in hospital than necessary. We have also realigned our lab functions to ensure we are only performing

the tests for which we are compensated, with no impact to the people we serve.


Looking ahead, there are sweeping changes to the health care system on the horizon for the province of

Ontario in the coming years. In April 2019, legislation was passed which will see the consolidation of a

number of provincial health care agencies and programs into Ontario Health. In addition, the new legislation

is requiring health care organizations like hospitals, long-term care homes, family physician offices, and home

care to work more closely together with the creation of Ontario Health Teams. The intent of these changes

is to eliminate the silos that exist between organizations, reduce duplication, and ensure the transitions for

people moving between organizations is smoother.


As we work through this transition on a local level, our focus will continue to be providing exemplary rural

health care to the patients we serve, and cultivating relationships with our health care partners in Grey

Bruce to ensure we continue to enhance the health care system for our region.


Larry Allison

Chair, Board of Directors                                   

Michael Barrett

President and CEO


Annual Report 2018/2019


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