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SBGHC Walkerton Construction Update

Construction to South Bruce Grey Health Centre's Walkerton site is nearing completion.

As the construction site is now sealed off, the Family Birthing Centre and Administration entrances have both been closed for the duration of the project. All patients and visitors are asked to park in the lot adjacent to the Emergency entrance and use the Emergency entrance to gain access to the hospital, the Family Birthing Centre and the Brockton & Area Family Health Team (see map below).      

November 2010 - The addition is now enclosed and installation of exterior improvements (curbs, paving, parking gates, walkways, etc.) is underway.

The new Ground and Second Floors are nearing completion and the building contractor estimates that they will request an inspection by late December or early January.

The existing Ground and Second Floor areas will be renovated when the addition is finished, completing the project.

Updated November 22, 2010 (photo below)
Walkerton Construction November 2010

August 2010 - Exterior cladding of the building is now 90% complete.  The balance will be completed upon delivery of the metal panels for the rooftop mechanical room. The flat roof area is complete, and the existing link building roof shingles are being replaced to tie into the new structure.

The second floor drywall partitions have been installed and the first floor stud partitions are in place. Installation of interior doors, plumbing fixtures, ceilings, flooring and painting is scheduled for the month of September. Updated August 26, 2010 (photo below)

July 2010 - Work has now begun on installing the exterior cladding on the building, which should take approximately two weeks to complete. The interior building studs are being placed for partitions, and the installation of the sprinkler system, electrical and mechanical systems and plumbing are underway. Installation of the new flat roof is also underway, and is expected to be complete this week. Updated July 15, 2010 (photo below)  


May/June 2010 - The installation of the vertical and horizontal steel framing and core slab is now complete, and the 2nd floor and penthouse studs are in place.  Work is currently being done on the exterior insulation.  Once this is complete, the next step will be to install the exterior cladding on the building, which is expected to happen in the next two weeks. 
Updated June 15, 2010 (photo below)

April 2010 - There has been a great deal of activity in recent weeks, including:

  • backfilling the side and rear of the building foundation
  • prep work for the new front entrance drop-off ramp (the driveway will be elevated so no stairs are required to access the front entrance)
  • installation of the vertical/horizontal steel framing and 1st and 2nd floor core slab

Next steps for the project include:

  • installing the horizontal steel framing for the 2nd floor ceiling and rooftop mechanical penthouse
  • prep work to resurface the front of the existing building 

Updated Apr. 27, 2010 (photo below)

March 2010 - The foundation for the addition is now complete. This phase of the project has been slightly delayed, as more work than anticipated was required to support the existing structure.  However, it is still anticipated that the new building will be complete before Christmas. The next step is to back-fill the foundation and to start assembling the steel frames. The steel is expected to arrive this week. Updated Mar. 29, 2010 

February 2010 - The building foundation is almost complete. In the coming weeks, the basement floor will be poured and the main floor framing steel will be put up.
Updated Feb. 25, 2010 (photo below)


January 2010 - Excavation of the location for the building foundation has been completed and the footings have been poured. Next steps are for the forms for the foundation walls to be brought on-site and the foundation to be poured. Updated Jan. 26, 2010 (photo below)

December 2009 - Heavy construction equipment is moved on-site for excavation and removing old site services. The sanitary, storm, water and communication lines are upgraded and/or relocated. Updated Dec. 22, 2009 (photo below)


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